Hangaard Genealogy

Tracing our roots from Norway to America

Ole Hangaard

Ole Hangaard was born in Øvre Rendal, Hedmark, Norway. He was a famous photographer and a childhood friend of poet Jacob Breda Bull. A very religious man, he was often seen carrying his bible.


The Hangaard family can trace its roots back to Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway, which is part of the traditional region of Østerdalen. Rendalen was divided into two separate municipalities, Øvre Rendal to the north, and Ytre Rendal to the south. The Hangaard surname, also spelled Hangård, comes from a farm in the Øvre Rendal area. Some other surnames from Øvre Rendal include Elvaal, Høye, and Mømb. And some of the surnames from Ytre Rendal include Akre, Hornset, Lomnes, and Otnes.

Many resources are available to those who want to trace their Norwegian ancestry. The Digital Archives (Digitalarkivet) has a large collection of parish registers (kirkebøker) and census records available to the public. The farm books (bygdebøker) are another great source of information. They contain information about who lived on a particular farm and other local history. I was able to obtain the farm books for both Øvre Rendal and Ytre Rendal. All of the information concerning names, dates, and places come from either the parish registers, or the farm books.

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Lina Berta Otnes

Lina Berta Otnes was born in Ytre Rendal, Hedmark, Norway. She and her husband, Ole Hangaard, would travel to Flekkefjord where they would raise their nine children.